Right for the start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia we present the World Champion at LoBoFilms.



A reconstruction of the 18th century French frigate "hermione" visited Portimão. A perfect opportunity to document this in a little film.



A film about the i-Kittens from Katy and Ruby was added to the section " LoBoFilms ".



We added 3 chapters to our "bad-service-story".



Five kittens were born on Sunday, 06/08/2017. Katy and her children are good for some photos on this page.



Two new films were added. One showing the rokoko castle of Estoi (with a little detour to the beach of Faro), and the other the romantic little town of Mértola.



Our "bad-service-story" has got three new chapters. And we added a film about a lovely castle in the Algarve. The ACERA films are now all together in a special channel on the Vimeo platform. We added there the film about the 8th excursion. And finally the films for CCCA are now in an extra album on Vimeo.



The page "Home" has got it's usual content again. LoBoFilms shows a new film for ACERA and a film about the unusual event "Christmas Carols by Candlelight with the Cats". And the story about poor service has two more chapters.

Most of all, we say THANK YOU to Monika Heike, who saved our homepage by lifting it up some versions of the basic software - otherwise it would have disappeared just like this...



Another chapter was added to the story about poor service...



ACERA had their first annual meeting yesterday. At that occasion a summary of the excursions 2016 was shown.



We introduced a new page for the cattery, where we remember our cats, that had to leave us too early...



!!! NEW PHOTOS OF OUR CATS !!! See them on this page



We visited Ayamonte, Spanish town on the border to Portugal. See the film about the visit.



The latest excursion of ACERA is documented in a new film.



ENOVOS Luxembourg has finally her chapter in our story about poor service...



A Fado night highlighted the sixth excursion of ACERA. See our little film about this event.



Our story about "excellence in service" has a new chapter. You find the story at this place.



Our cattery is proud to present two new female cats, which you can find here.



Another film shows our tour at the cork factory in São Brás de Alportel (P). A deep insight into the production of the disks, that are part of the champagne corks.



Next film! The F1H2O speedboat race in Portimão is it's subject, and we can tell you, they came so close to the place, where we were standing, that our feet got wet...



We added a new film. This time it shows a tour with BBQ on the beach and a dolphin search, that we made at the end of June.